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Matheus Guimaraes

Matheus is the proud Co-founder and CTO of Deployed Ltd., a tech start-up set to disrupt the way we think about work in the 21st century.

Throughout his 17 years of experience in the technology industry, Matheus Guimaraes worked with many technologies until he affiliated closely with Microsoft.

In more recent years, Matheus served primarily as hands-on Technical Lead and Chief Architect,  specializing primarily in leading Digital Transformation Programs. His passion for troubleshooting companies from the enterprise down to departments, teams and individual levels has led him to help many companies of different sizes transition their business to modern cloud-based architecture using Microsoft Azure and the .Net stack.

In 2015, Matheus became a certified Xamarin Consulting Partner becoming heavily involved with the technology prior to the acquisition by Microsoft. He even worked as a technical reviewer for books including “Xamarin 4 By Example” published by PACKT on September 2016.

He is involved with games design and programming through his Super Gamer Bot brand which has seen the releases of multiple iOS and Android mobile games using Unity.

Matheus Guimaraes






: 31-01-1979

: +447766107856

: matheus.guimaraes@deployed.co

: London, UK

: British and Brazilian

Matheus Guimaraes

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  • Microsoft Azure

  • .Net

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Machine Learning

  • C#

  • Python