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XCode 7 : Adding a new device to an XCode-managed provisioning profile

Let me just start this post with a question : why is this still so hard?? Moreover, WHY does it only keep getting harder??? I don’t know what the XCode team are thinking, but the whole point of having your provisioning profiles managed by XCode is that it should make things simple and automagic. Well, […]

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WebView or External App Picker? Or, When To Give Users Freedom

I recently had to fulfil a requirement to display downloaded PDFs in a Xamarin.Forms app implemented across the three platforms

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Xamarin build error : No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain

if getting the error “No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain” when building your Xamarin IOS project, check that you are building against an ios simulator. Visual Studio defaults to Device as a build target when creating a new project so this could be what is causing your error. Change to a simulator instead and […]

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