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XCode 7 : Adding a new device to an XCode-managed provisioning profile

Let me just start this post with a question : why is this still so hard?? Moreover, WHY does it only keep getting harder??? I don’t know what the XCode team are thinking, but the whole point of having your provisioning profiles managed by XCode is that it should make things simple and automagic. Well, […]

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Implementing a Cross-Platform PDF Viewer in Xamarin.Forms and Android

In this post I’m going to show you how to implement a cross-platform PDF viewer using Xamarin.Forms. We are going to focus on  Android in this tutorial. The approach we are going to take is to create a Dependency Service implementation on the Android project which triggers a choice for a external PDF viewing app on […]

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Xamarin Android : “Frame Not In Module” error when debugging

Some people have experienced problems when debugging Android apps in Xamarin using Visual Studio. T Once an exception is thrown, you may see that instead of displaying it, Visual Studio will show you a “Frame Not In Module” error and you can’t get to the exception thrown or see the call stack. This happens both […]

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