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Xamarin Android : “Frame Not In Module” error when debugging

Some people have experienced problems when debugging Android apps in Xamarin using Visual Studio. T Once an exception is thrown, you may see that instead of displaying it, Visual Studio will show you a “Frame Not In Module” error and you can’t get to the exception thrown or see the call stack. This happens both […]

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Xamarin Android : Why the loosely typed key value pair implementation for Intent extra data is bad! And why it should be looser…

An usual way to go about adding extra data to your Intents in Xamarin is by using the convenience methods provided such as : data.PutExtra(“Key1”, “key”); data.PutExtra(“Key2”, 33); And on the receiving end you’d use: var value1 = data.Extras.GetString(“Key1”); var value2 = data.Extras.GetInt(“Key2”); It all sounds very good in theory, however, anti-pattern discussions aside regarding […]

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WebView or External App Picker? Or, When To Give Users Freedom

I recently had to fulfil a requirement to display downloaded PDFs in a Xamarin.Forms app implemented across the three platforms

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