Full-Stack Web Development

.Net and Open Source technologies and tools including ASP.Net MVC, Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS, HTML 5, CSS 3 and others.


Cloud Platforms

Early adopter of Microsoft Azure with experience across many of its services including Storage, Service Bus, CDN, Active Directory, Traffic Manager and others.


Solution Architecture

Architecture of small or enterprise web-based, mobile or hybrid systems including familiarity with patterns such as ETL, SOA, Microservices, MVC/MVP/MVVM and others.


Databases and Search Engines

Experience with various data store types including RDMS, NoSql and Triplestores such as Microsoft SQL Server, ElasticSearch, Apache SOLR, DocumentDB, RavenDB, BrighStarDB, EVN and Marklogic.



Drive the whole software development process through Agile practices following SCRUM or Kanban methodologies acting as Scrum Master or Product Owner.


Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

Development for IOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets with Xamarin including unified UI using XAML via Xamarin.Forms and mobile app testing via Xamarin Test Cloud.


Development Practices

Years of experience and mentor of practices such as TDD, BDD, Mocking, ORM and design patterns such as Dependency Injection using various IOC containers such as Autofac, Castle Windsor and Ninject.



Configure ad implement Continuous Integration with tools such as TeamCity, CruiseControl.Net or Visual Studio Online and Continuous Delivery through tools such as Octopus or Git Deploy.