Xamarin Android : “Frame Not In Module” error when debugging

Posted by Matheus Guimaraes |04 Aug 15 |

Some people have experienced problems when debugging Android apps in Xamarin using Visual Studio. T

Once an exception is thrown, you may see that instead of displaying it, Visual Studio will show you a “Frame Not In Module” error and you can’t get to the exception thrown or see the call stack. This happens both in Visual Studio 2013 and 2015.

The solution is to change your exception settings and make sure that you tick the parent option “Common Language Runtime Exceptions” so all its children are ticked.

By default, Xamarin Android projects on Visual Studio seem to have that option ticked off which is why you get the Frame Not In Module error.

On VS 2013 you can open the Exception Settings interface by going to “DEBUG -> Exceptions…”. On VS 2015 Exception Settings became a windowed tool of its own instead of a modal so you open it by going to “DEBUG -> Windows -> Exception Settings”

I’ve let the Xamarin team know about this and hopefully a future update to Xamarin Android may fix this.